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Ensembl Gene ID: ENSG00000283485


Genecard: AC090094.1

Top compounds associated with response to AC090094.1

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA PX-12 CTRPv2 AAC -0.21 2e-11
mRNA PL-DI CTRPv2 AAC -0.22 1e-10
mRNA LY-2183240 CTRPv2 AAC -0.22 4e-10
mRNA necrosulfonamide CTRPv2 AAC -0.26 4e-10
mRNA BRD-K34222889 CTRPv2 AAC -0.2 5e-09
mRNA vincristine CTRPv2 AAC -0.19 8e-09
mRNA GMX-1778 CTRPv2 AAC -0.22 2e-08
mRNA methylstat CTRPv2 AAC -0.25 2e-08
mRNA Cerulenin CTRPv2 AAC -0.2 2e-08
mRNA CAY10618 CTRPv2 AAC -0.21 2e-08
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