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Ensembl Gene ID: ENSG00000138750


Genecard: NUP54

Top compounds associated with response to NUP54

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA clofarabine CTRPv2 AAC 0.2 8e-12
mRNA 3-Cl-AHPC CTRPv2 AAC 0.2 2e-09
mRNA Cytarabine CTRPv2 AAC 0.17 4e-09
mRNA SNX-2112 GDSC1000 AAC 0.18 1e-08
mRNA tanespimycin:gemcitabine (1:1 mol/mol) CTRPv2 AAC 0.18 2e-08
mRNA CX-5461 GDSC1000 AAC 0.18 4e-08
mRNA tanespimycin:bortezomib (250:1 mol/mol) CTRPv2 AAC 0.2 6e-08
mRNA NPK76-II-72-1 GDSC1000 AAC 0.16 2e-07
mRNA LY-2183240 CTRPv2 AAC 0.16 2e-07
mRNA OSI-930 CTRPv2 AAC 0.18 3e-07
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