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The Genentech Cell Line Screening Initiative (gCSI)


The Genentech Cell Line Screening Initiative (gCSI) was undertaken independently of CCLE and GDSC to to address the concerns of inconsistencies across large-scale pharmacogenomic studies. In gCSI, Genentech independently characterized the response of 410 cancer cell lines to a subset ‚Äčagents tested by GDSC and CCLE. Genentech also evaluated three specific aspects of the screening protocols that are relevant to measured drug response: readout of cell viability (metabolic versus DNA content), seeding density strategy, and cell culture media conditions.


compareDrugScreens package

RNA-seq data

RNA-seq and SNP array data


A comprehensive transcriptional portrait of human cancer cell lines, Nature Biotechnology 2015

Reproducible pharmacogenomic profiling of cancer cell line panels, Nature 2016

Data types

Data Type Assay/Platform Raw Processed
Pharmacological CellTiter Glo Yes AUC, IC50
mRNA Expression Illumina RNA-seq Yes VSN/DESeq counts, RPKM
DNA Copy Number Illumina 2.5M SNP Yes PICNIC
DNA Mutation Sanger No CSV


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