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Ensembl Gene ID: ENSG00000130669


Genecard: PAK4

Compounds tested targeting PAK4

2 compounds have been tested on PAK4, using data from 2 dataset(s).
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Top compounds associated with response to PAK4

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA paclitaxel gCSI AAC -0.29 1e-05
mRNA lapatinib CCLE AAC 0.21 3e-05
mRNA Docetaxel gCSI AAC -0.28 6e-05
mRNA BRD-K11533227 CTRPv2 AAC 0.16 6e-05
mRNA bafilomycin A1 CTRPv2 AAC 0.62 0.0002
mRNA CX-5461 GDSC1000 AAC -0.13 0.0003
mRNA AICAR GDSC1000 AAC -0.13 0.0007
mRNA Zebularine CTRPv2 AAC -0.13 0.0008
mRNA BAY 61-3606 GDSC1000 AAC -0.13 0.0009
mRNA blebbistatin CTRPv2 AAC 0.24 0.0009
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