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SourcesNames Used
PharmacoGx QL-X-138

Cell lines tested with QL-X-138

980 cell lines have been tested with this compound, using data from 1 dataset(s).
IPC-298 skin GDSC10001
SW962 vulva GDSC10001
NCI-H209 lung GDSC10001
NCI-H2452 pleura GDSC10001
ABC-1 lung GDSC10001
NCI-H735 lung GDSC10001
WM35 skin GDSC10001
CMK haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
NCI-H520 lung GDSC10001
T84 large intestine GDSC10001
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Top molecular features associated with response to QL-X-138

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA NQO1 GDSC1000 AAC -0.31 2e-15
mRNA LTBR GDSC1000 AAC -0.27 3e-12
mRNA ZNF232 GDSC1000 AAC 0.21 3e-12
mRNA MYOF GDSC1000 AAC -0.28 4e-12
mRNA S100A6 GDSC1000 AAC -0.25 7e-12
mRNA MEX3A GDSC1000 AAC 0.24 1e-11
mRNA AMER2 GDSC1000 AAC 0.22 3e-11
mRNA GCLM GDSC1000 AAC -0.21 2e-10
mRNA ZNF682 GDSC1000 AAC 0.2 2e-10
mRNA ZNF253 GDSC1000 AAC 0.21 3e-10
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