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SourcesNames Used
PharmacoGx Camptothecin

External IDs

Smiles: CCC1(C2=C(COC1=O)C(=O)N3CC4=CC5=CC=CC=C5N=C4C3=C2)O
Pubchem: 24360

Annotated Targets


Cell lines tested with Camptothecin

895 cell lines have been tested with this compound, using data from 1 dataset(s).
SHP-77 lung GDSC10001
RPMI-6666 haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
MCF7 breast GDSC10001
C3A liver GDSC10001
NCI-H650 lung GDSC10001
SUP-M2 haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
MN-60 haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
LCLC-103H lung GDSC10001
CCF-STTG1 central nervous system GDSC10001
STS-0421 soft tissue GDSC10001
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Top molecular features associated with response to Camptothecin

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA SLFN11 GDSC1000 AAC 0.49 4e-45
mRNA DEPTOR GDSC1000 AAC -0.23 4e-12
mRNA HACE1 GDSC1000 AAC 0.21 7e-10
mRNA TCTA GDSC1000 AAC -0.21 7e-10
mRNA DDX50 GDSC1000 AAC 0.21 2e-09
mRNA SEPT6 GDSC1000 AAC 0.3 3e-09
mRNA STOML1 GDSC1000 AAC -0.2 3e-09
mRNA CRYAB GDSC1000 AAC -0.22 5e-09
mRNA HM13 GDSC1000 AAC -0.21 6e-09
mRNA CCT4 GDSC1000 AAC 0.19 1e-08
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