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SourcesNames Used
PharmacoGx A-443654

External IDs

Smiles: CC1=C2C=C(C=CC2=NN1)C3=CC(=CN=C3)OCC(CC4=CNC5=CC=CC=C54)N
Pubchem: 10172943

Cell lines tested with A-443654

426 cell lines have been tested with this compound, using data from 1 dataset(s).
OVCAR-4 ovary GDSC10001
NCI-H2081 lung GDSC10001
JiyoyeP-2003 haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
COLO-684 endometrium GDSC10001
SW872 soft tissue GDSC10001
EW-12 bone GDSC10001
SK-ES-1 bone GDSC10001
KELLY autonomic ganglia GDSC10001
P3HR-1 haematopoietic and lymphoid tissue GDSC10001
NB1 autonomic ganglia GDSC10001
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Top molecular features associated with response to A-443654

Feature TypeStandardized
Nominal ANOVA
mRNA IDI1 GDSC1000 AAC 0.00016 1
mRNA NCAPH GDSC1000 AAC 0.00015 1
mRNA FES GDSC1000 AAC 0.00016 1
mRNA ZNF408 GDSC1000 AAC 0.00014 1
mRNA C16orf78 GDSC1000 AAC 0.00013 1
mRNA TNFSF8 GDSC1000 AAC -0.00012 1
mRNA GLYCTK GDSC1000 AAC -0.00013 1
mRNA ZNF800 GDSC1000 AAC -0.00014 1
mRNA ENTPD3 GDSC1000 AAC 0.00011 1
mRNA CFI GDSC1000 AAC 0.00011 1
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