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Cancer Therapeutics Response Portal version 2 (CTRPv2)


The Cancer Therapeutics Response Portal was developed by the Center for the Science of Therapeutics at the Broad Institute to screen a large panel of cancer cell lines for sensitivity to small molecules. CTRPv2 is a continuation of the CTRP project and the largest pharmacological screen conducted to date, containing several hudreds of thousands of drug dose-response curves.



NCI Open Access Data Portal


"Correlating chemical sensitivity and basal gene expression reveals mechanism of action" Rees et al., Nat Chem Biol, 12, 109-116 (2016);

"Harnessing Connectivity in a Large-Scale Small-Molecule Sensitivity Dataset" Seashore-Ludlow et al., Cancer Discovery, 5, 1210-1223 (2015);

"An Interactive Resource to Identify Cancer Genetic and Lineage Dependencies Targeted by Small Molecules" Basu, Bodycombe, Cheah, et al., Cell, 154, 1151-1161 (2013).

Data types

Data Type Assay/Platform Raw Processed
Pharmacological CellTiter Glo Yes AUC, IC50


PharmacoSet object for: CTRPv2